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Help with paying for awesome graphics for powerpoint

Shopping Cart not working for you? For the shopping cart to function properly, then something called 'cookies' needs to be enabled in your browser.

We would be only too happy to supply you with the graphics you require on completion of a satisfactory credit card payment. Perhaps try using a different credit card or simply try again.

Please revisit the order page at

For help with WorldPay, click the A to Z of queries, using this link

If you've tried ordering with a credit card without success, these are some of the possible reasons why your order was not successful:

If you are using a "Purchasing" card as opposed to a "Credit" card, then you must select "Pounds Sterling" as the payment currency for the payment to be accepted.
We do accept VISA Purchasing cards, even thought the WorldPay system says otherwise.
select Pounds Sterling
Click the correct card logo.
For example: If you are using an American Express card then you must click the Amex card logo.
select American Express
credit card details
  1. A missed digit on the credit card number
  2. Spaces between the credit cards numbers (no spaces, dashes or hyphens please!)
    Bad=1234-5678 1234 5678
  3. The persons name entered on the form does not match the name on the card
  4. Missing start date on the credit card. The start date is normally 2 years from the expiry date but not always. Not all cards have a start date, so don't worry if yours does not
  5. Incorrect expiry date on the credit card
  6. Invalid "Security Code" - a recent new feature on some credit cards to help combat fraud, the number is normally printed on the reverse of the card and is not 'raised' in any way, so it will not appear on carbon copies
credit card security code
  • The address entered does not match the records your card company holds
  • Some credit cards have a "block" on overseas orders, you will need to contact your credit card company to have this block removed
  • Over the credit limit
  • Or some other reason

If you're sure everything was entered correctly then please call your credit card company, they should be able to give you a reason why the transaction failed.

credit card fraud from the crime graphics
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